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Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School
Pre-Kindergarten Programs for Children with Disabilities


Frequently Asked Questions



About the Pre-Kindergarten Inclusion Class

This is a full day program (8:20 AM – 1:50 PM) for children with varying special needs in an inclusive setting. There are 8 students with disabilities, along with eight typically developing students (role models). Typically developing students (role models) are selected to participate in the program based on their language, behavior, and social skills. Students must be four years old on or before September 1st of that school year, and require a VPK Certificate of Eligibility. There is one special education teacher and one paraprofessional in this class.



About the Pre-Kindergarten LEAP Class

This is a half day program (morning OR afternoon session) for children with autism spectrum disorder in an inclusive setting. Within each session, there are four students within the autism spectrum, along with eight typically developing students (role models). The typically developing students (role models) must exhibit age appropriate language, behavior, and social skills. Because this is a half day program, students may be three or four years old. There is one special education teacher and two paraprofessionals in each session.



What should I do if my child has a disability?

Students with special needs are placed in each program by the North Region staffing specialist. Please call the Pre-Kindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities at 305-271-5701 or visit for more information.



What should I do if I am interested in placing my child as a ROLE MODEL student?

Potential role model students are observed/interviewed by the classroom teacher during the spring semester PRIOR to the school year of enrollment. Interested parents MUST request an interview date THRU EMAIL. Candidates’ names will be taken thru email ONLY beginning March 3rd until interview dates are no longer available.



Who should I contact to set up an interview date?

Emails will be accepted on or after March 3rd. Please do not email teachers prior to that date. For the half day program (Pre-K LEAP class), email Ms. Faggans at For the full day program (Pre-K inclusion), email Ms. Argiro at In the email, please include: your name, child’s name, child’s birthdate, phone number, and mailing address. The classroom teacher will then respond BY EMAIL with your child’s interview date. Interview dates are given on a “first come” basis, beginning March 1st. There are limited interview dates available and we cannot guarantee your child will receive an interview date.



What does the interview/observation process entail?

Interviews will begin the first week of April thru the middle of May. Children applying for the full day class will spend one full school day (8:20 AM – 1:50 PM) in the pre-k classroom to be observed by the teacher. Children applying for the half day program will attend an entire session (morning OR afternoon) to be observed by the teacher. Children must be appropriate role models for students with disabilities. They should exhibit age appropriate language and social skills, be toilet trained, independent in self-help skills, initiate play and conversation with other children, and follow the classroom routine with minimal prompting. 



How many role model openings are available in each program?

There are 8 openings available in the full day class. There are 16 openings available in the half day class (eight for the morning session and eight for the afternoon session).


When will I know if my child has been accepted into the program?

Letters will be mailed to your home during the end of May. Please do not contact the classroom teacher prior to receiving your letter. Unfortunately, there are limited spots and we cannot guarantee your child’s acceptance into any program.



What are my options if my child is not accepted into the program?

Because there are limited role model spots available, it is important to have a 2nd and 3rd option in mind. We also encourage you to contact neighboring schools to see what programs they offer.



What should I do if I have additional questions?

Submit any additional questions THRU EMAIL to the classroom teacher, once you have received your child’s interview date